How do you find a new job in 2016?

With mixed economic indicators coming from analysts in Australia and overseas, 2016 might shape up to be a tough year for those looking for new roles.  The way you search for new opportunities is constantly changing as the recruitment and job search industry goes through massive disruption.  How do you keep up with where, when and how to find the right role for you?

I came across a great listing from Career Sherpa, with 43 of the top job search tools, that might provide a helpful starting place.  But remember, even with all the technology out there, most people still find their next role through their networks and their networks, networks, so don’t overlook the human connections in your search.

You can access the list here:

Career Money Life offers clients a comprehensive listing of free tools and resources to help you manage your career, money and life as well as a massive range of professional service providers who can help with any aspect of  your next move.

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