How to compete with a Robot for your next job

More and more we are hearing about a future where robots are taking jobs from people, not just manual tasks, but the job of Lawyers and Doctors, arguably two of our highest status careers. While the AI has a ways to go before this becomes an everyday reality, it is a very likely outcome.  So what does that mean for future job seekers and those of us displaced by technology in our current roles?   What will we do for work?

While most of the coverage of this issue paints a doom and gloom story, this article suggests an alternative and more positive future for us all.

What will we do… new jobs we can’t even fathom today.  Which sounds like a better alternative, but also a good reminder about the importance of maintaining and growing your skills sets and capabilities throughout your career.  Especially for those in the Corporate world where the tendency is to become more and more specialized, at the expense of generalist skills.

So hopefully we won’t have to compete with Robots because will create new roles that with require our uniquely human characteristics and leave the Robots to what they do best.

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