Does one-size-fits-all really work in HR anymore?


Human Capital Magazine recently published a research study by Canon looking at employee types.  The findings show that there are different employee types, not a big surprise for anyone who has worked in HR.

The research identified three main types of employees,  Focussed, Balance and Mobile, each group having a different set of needs.

These groups of employees had differing needs in terms of workspace, technology and ways of working, and engaging with colleagues and how then spends their time.

Providing a custom experience for each employee was not possible, until recently, but with technology HR is able to create a unique employee experience that means people get the programs and services they need and want, the way they want them.

“Identifying employee types and crafting management strategies to suit their individual needs is essential in creating a workplace where people thrive, customers are engaged and the business grows sustainable,” said Effie Fox, HR and communications director with Canon Australia.

The benefits of customisation, to both the organisation and the employee are extensive, including supporting better development and learning outcomes, providing more targeted employee benefits and incentives, and enhancing engagement by making employees feel that their organisation really does “get them”.

Given the challenges of attracting top talent, is a bespoke and customised employee experience the newest way to build an employment brand that will not only attract people but also retain them, by meeting their unique set of needs?  The Canon study would suggest the answer is yes.

“This a great opportunity for HR professionals to create fit-for-purpose workplaces and HR programs that are not a ‘one size fits all’, but rather cater to individual differences across their employees.” Effie Fox HR Canon.

Read the full article here

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