How to find a job when you’ve been out of work for longer than you planned

Career Money Life certified supplier, Michelle Gibbings, talks about how one can get back in the game after being out of work longer than expected.

Between jobs for longer than you expected? Seeing the weeks stretch into months can be disconcerting and depressing – and in a less-than-buoyant employment market, it’s an experience more Australians are becoming familiar with.

So what are the secrets to keeping despondency and desperation at bay while you get yourself back in the game?

  • Be proactive.
  • Work your network.
  • Get off the bench.
  • Think short term.
  • Stay on top of things.

Not allowing yourself to lapse into idleness, according former Queensland Cricket CEO Geoff Cockerill, 48, who’s been looking for a new opportunity since April; the longest stretch he’s ever spent between gigs.

“The important thing is to still maintain a routine and still do what you do,” Cockerill says.

For him, the down time has been spent balancing ‘non-brain busyness’ – think cleaning out the shed, organising old papers and the like – with professional reading, learning and networking.

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