Three ways to take down the barriers preventing women from launching startups

Penny Locaso, Career Money Life Certified supplier, shares her insights on Women and Startup.   

This winter I facilitated a sellout event with 70 women called “ditch the daily grind and leap into a career you love”. The audience was full of highly experienced, bright and talented women who had brilliant business ideas, but were just missing the confidence to get started.

The more I inquired, the more apparent the challenges to start up became. Common to most women was the belief they needed absolute clarity on the path before they could take even one step forward.

Kaitlin Tait of Spark International believes that:

“…many women have big dreams and sometimes have trouble breaking those down into the small achievable steps that will get them started. Women need to back themselves, to start small and focus on the wins and what they are learning along the way.”

Ayala Domani, acting Director Innovation at Telstra and startup mentor perceives some of the biggest barriers to women starting up lying in self-doubt and fear of failure, the financial risk involved and balancing workload with family life, especially for mothers with young children.

In further helping women unpack what’s holding them back from taking the next step, I’ve seen consistent themes emerge. All of these factors inhibit them for taking just one step forward:

  • women don’t start because they don’t believe in their ability to make things happen
  • they don’t fully appreciate the true value of their skills and experience,
  • they care too much what others think of them
  • they believe that if the path to success is not clear, it’s not the right time to start

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