Career Change for Mums


Helen Green, Career Coach and Career Money Life Certified Supplier, shares her personal story and advice on career changes for working Mums.

Motherhood can be an important catalyst for a lot of change. For many women, maternity leave is the trigger to assess your professional life and, for many entrepreneurial women wondering about how to find an alternative to returning to the traditional workforce, running your own business can be a solution.

My children are 12 and 15. Over the last 15 years, I have often looked at work and career in a different light, as have many of my friends. It is not that I was necessarily less interested in my career or that I did not enjoy my work. For me, it was about a value adjustment and a desire for some balance. My mother’s group would meet at the park or dinner as the children got older and similar themes would emerge as we reflected on the extent to which we were coping with our work, still enjoying our work, feeling supported from our employer for all those “sick days” and so on.

The word “juggle” was frequently mentioned, usually in the context of our perceived failings!

Staying in a job or career you are unhappy in can be damaging on a personal and family level, yet jumping in too fast to make a change without close self-analysis and adequate research can result in disappointment and possibly financial consequences. If you want to make a career change, large or small, do your research and make an informed decision. You owe it to yourself to do it properly. A happy mum is good for everyone. The points below are general though you might find them helpful.

Career change starts with you

The reasons people change careers are so varied. It might be due to unhappiness or boredom at work, a desire for career progression or for a less demanding or more flexible career, or perhaps a genuine “light bulb” moment of clarity. Aside from job loss or redundancy – both of which can have a huge impact on individuals – changes in financial, health or family circumstances are also prime motivators for changing careers.

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