6 Simple Ways of Making Interviews Easier

Robin Mitchell, Career Money Life certified supplier, and Career Coach, shares some good insights on getting ready for your next job interview.

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6 Simple Ways of Making Interviews Easier

So often I hear the remark, “I hate interviews, I get so nervous and stuff up really badly”This doesn’t have to happen, you know. Over the years I have found that there are certain factors that can make interviews easier.

  1. Know about the company – Do your research

This doesn’t just mean look the company up on the internet. It means really researching what they do. LinkedIn is an excellent source of information also. Talk to any friends who may know about the company or industry. What is important to this company? What is the culture like?

  1. Consult the job advertisement

What does this job advertisement ask for? Analyse it thoroughly. Then think of this company’s needs and address all your answers to possible questions in light of these needs. When you are inevitably asked to ‘Tell me about yourself’ then answer this in light of their needs, not a boring run-down of all the places you’ve worked at.

  1. What is my body language like?

Do I jig constantly, do I avoid eye contact? Little things like this can make a difference. It is said that we make 27 unconscious decisions when we first meet someone – clothing, height, happy or sad and so on. I remember working with a person to help them improve their interview skills and immediately this person walked into the room, I sensed he would not succeed in any interview. He lacked confidence in his walk to his chair and when he sat his shoulders were hunched over in a despairing way. That was my immediate impression.

  1. What is the tone or pitch of my voice like?

Apparently it is believed that body language and voice tone make up 93% of our message. So how do I speak? Do I have that annoying little upward inflection at the end of each sentence? Is my voice all on one level – monotonal? What is known, is that the lower the pitch of the voice, the greater credibility of that person. So check out these two important areas with a good friend and practice being positive and confident in your posture, voice and attitude. It counts.

  1. Make sure your personal hygiene is good

As well as our body language being observed, we all have noses! So make sure you’ve had a recent shower and DO use deodorant please. In Australia we do have climate issues and body odour is a big turn-off for an interviewer. Do not use perfume or after-shave. What you may love in perfumes, etc., your interviewer may hate. So don’t take the risk.

  1. Make the time in the waiting/reception area count

While you are waiting to be called for the interview, do not sit down. Stand and observe the room, but don’t pace. Sitting can find you scrunching into an unconfident candidate. While you are waiting, use this time to do this exercise to relax yourself.

  • Slowly breathe in while you silently count to 4
  • Hold this breath for the count of 3
  • Slowly breathe out while you silently count to 4
  • Hold while you count to 3

Then start over again.

This does two things – it totally calms you and also gets you focusing on counting, not the perceived terrors ahead of you!


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