Career Money Life Supplier, Nathan Hayes shares his insights on his own career transition from a school principal to Founder of Leading through Education.

We can plan and prepare for significant change to a point, then with trust in our planning and ultimately our self, we move forward and embrace the twists and turns.  To close off what has been an amazing 2016, I will share some personal experiences gained from starting Leading Through Education (LTE) 12 months ago, hopefully they are of value:

  • Clarity of purpose and a focus on being of service to others provides certainty in a generally uncertain period of business start-up (or any period of change).
  • Ongoing self-development is critical, the way we see ourselves directly influences the way others see us and in my case, the level of value I provide to my LTE clients.
  • Building and maintaining a constructive mindset supports us to be effective during times of change and to enjoy the process. Most things worthwhile require us to stretch beyond comfort zones.  A constructive mindset allows us to navigate the potential fear and uncertainty that accompanies growth.
  • Plan well then focus on positive intent, that is, be action oriented to take the steps necessary to achieve key business goals (same applies to any goals).
  • Surround yourself with the right people, you don’t need many, just the right ones. Be clear on whose opinions and feedback are relevant and forget the rest.

There are timeless principles that can easily be brushed over the same way we might do when AFL players roll out the “One week at a time” cliché week after week.  As much as we may tire of hearing this, during times of change it is crucial to be present and take each week as it comes.  Personal experience has shown me that looking back on past situations, and looking too far forward are not beneficial to focusing on the everyday actions and behaviours required to achieve our big goals.

I have loved the challenges presented in 2016 and am excited by the opportunities ahead in 2017.  We know anything important and worthwhile comes with significant challenge and personally 2016 was no exception.  As I reflect on the year past, I would not have experienced the success and enjoyment I have without the support of my own coaches and mentors. Having the right people to support and challenge me maintained my focus in times of doubt, and enabled me to celebrate the small wins along the way to achieving the BHAG’s.

The following Blog will provide some insights into the ongoing journey that sees me where I am today. The Human Synergistics Lifestyles Inventory mentioned in the Blog informed my focus for development and continues to do so today.  It is a tool I use regularly to inform the work I do with individual coaching clients.

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