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Most of us have searched for jobs online. That’s where the postings are, right? Yes, but that’s not where the hiring is done. According to the experts, we talked to, the best job sites will have fresh, frequent, unique and relevant posts, as well as a scraping algorithm that helps aggregate posts from other places on the web.

But what really gets you the job is all the metadata these sites provide: What companies are hiring? Who do you know who already works there? And, can you tell if you’d actually love that job? That’s where our top pick excels.

Best Overall


Like Facebook, but for companies. Use this site to find listings, and then find out if the company is one you’d actually like to work for.

Most Comprehensive

Tons of fresh, relevant but bare-bones listings make this the Google of job sites

Twenty-five years ago — before the commercial rise of the internet — job seekers attended career fairs, scanned the classified section of newspapers, or heard about openings through word-of-mouth referrals. Good, old-fashioned networking is still the number one way to land a job, but the way we look for jobs has changed dramatically. Today, it’s all online.

Best Overall

The best place for you to start looking for a job is Glassdoor. In our tests, it had the most new jobs posted every day. It complements that freshness with an in-depth look at the companies posting them. These eye-catching multimedia company profiles are balanced with anonymous feedback from current and former employees on culture, salary, and the CEO — there are even charts to show how a company’s rating has changed over time. Glassdoor gives you both the info you need to find job opportunities and the context to see if it’s a good fit for you too.

When it comes to pure coverage, though, Indeed is the heavy hitter. Its aggregation algorithms were unparalleled in our test, meaning there’s a better chance that jobs posted on other random job boards, sites, and companies across the web will show up here. Plus, it’s one of the only sites from our top picks that lets employers post openings for free, making it a first stop for lots of companies. It’s pretty bare-bones, though, and because it’s such a good aggregator, you often get ping-ponged between job sites, instead of the actual job posting, which leads to a less-than-stellar user experience.

We can’t not mention LinkedIn. When it comes to job posting, it’s middle of the pack, especially compared to Glassdoor and Indeed. But it’s such a powerful working tool we’d be remiss not to recommend it. LinkedIn’s most powerful feature: It shows job seekers networking pathways to help score introductions, the first step to getting an internal referral.

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