Redundancy – 7 reasons why it could be the opportunity of a lifetime

Career Money Life certified supplier, Matthew Ross of Roskow Independent Advisory, writes about the positive aspects of redundancy.

Being made redundant can be a real hit to the ego. It can feel like we’re not wanted anymore, that our value has dropped. In reality, it is the role that is no longer needed, not you, and redundancy, says more about the firm that you are leaving than who you are.

Here are seven reasons why a redundancy could be a blessing in disguise:

  1. Staying in the same spot can be bad. If we stay in the same environment for too long, we can become stale. We can become lazy. We tend to face the same challenges which can stunt our growth and personal development.
  2. The world is pushing you towards something better. Whenever I had a major setback in life, my mum always had the same advice. When I was 19 I was held up at gunpoint in a petrol station. My mum didn’t freak out. Days later she said “that’s okay sweetie, it just means that there is something better out there waiting for you”. She was right. Two weeks later I got a job at a café and my first opportunity in financial planning came because I was working at that café.
  3. The world is pushing you towards somewhere that needs you more. Similar advice to mum’s, but this is more about the contribution you’re yet to make. You’ve made your mark on the firm you’re leaving, now your superhuman skills are needed somewhere else. Lick your wounds for a day or two, but snap out of it quick because someone else out there needs you. Start focusing on them and wave a fond goodbye to those you’re leaving.
  4. There’s uncertainty either way. The business you’re leaving is no longer as stable and safe an option. Better the devil you know you might say, but there’s tough times ahead down both paths. The new direction of the business will start exciting, but then change will kick in which will face resistance from some people. The fact that they are changing direction means that the business was doing something wrong. There’s every chance you’re leaving a business headed for the wooden spoon and giving yourself a chance to join the next premiership winning team.
  5. Your high performance might have caused the redundancy. If you’re a high achiever, chances are your talent has contributed to making your own role redundant. If this is the case, it’s proof of value. You’ve shared your talent with that part of the world, it’s time to add value somewhere else. If your talent has led to your redundancy, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting the next role.
  6. This is a chance for a break. We rarely get a window of opportunity to have a break. This break may have not been your decision, however you have time right now to do things that once you secure the next role you once again ‘won’t have time for’. So make the most of it. Travel. Go see someone you haven’t seen for ages. Do some fitness, get active and be energetic. It’s good for you, and it will generate opportunities and positive energy. Read, study, learn, cook, use the time to spend it with the kids whilst you can.This break from the rat race is a blessing.
  7. This is a chance to do something different, something more fulfilling. The world is once again your oyster. You have a choice about where you go next. So choose wisely.If you are talented you probably have a lot of choice available to you, so be careful about jumping into the next role that comes your way. Take your time to find something you can really get your teeth stuck into and you will enjoy. Your financial plan will tell you when you have to get back into the work force. If you don’t have a financial plan, then get one so you can be sure that you’re making a quality decision with your next move.

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