Ever Heard of Networking Season?

Nina Anderson, Career Money Life certified supplier,  talks about the best time to build your professional network.

Networking season is that time of year when people have returned from their summer break, are across the various matters that were waiting for them on their return and have realised they need to get back in touch with their contacts, build their network and put their finger on the pulse of the market.

It’s at its peak now, right up until Easter – where it takes a bit of a break before meandering its way through May, where the season ends and everyone turns their mind to other things.

It does pick up again in October, but where this time of the year is about building relationships, the latter part of the year is about strengthening them, so the conversation and impetus changes.

It’s no coincidence there is a slew of events that run from mid-February through to Easter aimed at high level issues that are on business leaders’ radars. The Institute of Company Directors runs a ‘Big Issues for Boards’ event every March for a good reason; people want to know what’s going on and they want to know what’s coming at them. This is as good an event as I’ve seen to get this perspective.

So the challenge is now that February has passed in a blur and Easter is looming, it’s a matter of finding the events that interest you and making sure you get to them.

If you think you’re too busy to get out of the office, I’ll challenge you on this and suggest you will add more value to your business if you have a broader view of the market and a strong network.

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