Study Reveals 85% of Jobs Filled By Networking

Jerrell Niu, Career Money Life Certified Supplier, writes about the value and importance of networking and how you can use it to find a new job.

According to Jerrell, it’s worked for him personally and professionally and there’s little doubt that building and maintaining a network of well-connected professionals, who are willing to refer or recommend you, is more than worth it.

In early 2016, Lou Adler, CEO of the Adler Group and best-selling author, released the results of a survey asking people how they found their most recent job. Over 3000 professionals responded and the results showed networking as the number one way for jobs to be filled, even for the most active candidates.

The survey asked respondents how they found their current job, identifying the job hunting status of active and passive candidates. Research from LinkedIn determined that active candidates represent about 5-20% of the total talent market, while tiptoers (passive casual) candidates represented 15-20% and true passive candidates about 65-75%.


Here’s what we’re able to glean from the survey results:

  • Networking is the primary means of finding a job amongst all groups, even highly active candidates.
  • Passive candidates are 7 times more likely to find there next job from networking then from applying.
  • Applying has a low ROI when compared to networking.


  1. Active job seekers should put at least as much energy into networking as they do applying.
  2. Networking should be an ongoing part of your career plan, not just when you’re looking for your next opportunity.
  3. LinkedIn is a network of 500 million people – connect with well-connected people who are willing to refer you to other well-connected people.

View the original article here.

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