Common Writing Errors in Today’s Work Scenario

This article has been submitted to us by Walkerstone, a top-class team of proposal writing trainers and bid writers, delivering training, providing bid writing skills and offering first class writing support.

Although communicating via text containing around 140-200 characters in the norm in today’s office scenario, official communications still take place via emails or letters. Writing an email requesting a week’s off, writing a letter conveying an important message, writing reports, contracts, memos, all of it need good writing skills. An email full of errors or an official letter with grammatical errors can really put the reader off. A majority of jobs today involve writing skills in one way or the other.

Good writing skills involve content that is free of typos and grammatical errors. There are a variety of writing errors that people commit, which not only fails to convey the intended message but also wastes the time of the reader. This eventually leads to your boss or your co-workers or team being unhappy. Writing skills are critical for a workplace.

Some of the most common writing errors have been listed in this infographic from Walkerstone ( . Along with the list, the mistakes have been explained and solutions offered. You may probably not even be aware that you are making one of these mistakes but looking at the list you can come to know if you have been making these writing errors and to correct yourself. Hope this list helps you in your future writings.

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