3 HR-Specific Reasons You Need to Unwind this EOFY

By Sandy Hutchison, in partnership with endota spa. 

When people think of EOFY stress, they often think of the finance department scrambling to reconcile accounts, or perhaps the sales team whose bonuses may or may not depend on the next few weeks’ activities. But few realise that for HR teams everywhere, EOFY can be just as stressful.

Here’s why:

It’s performance review time

Creating, presiding over or calibrating performance reviews is a huge, time-consuming and complex job, not to mention the added pressure of ensuring you manage emotions and rumours carefully at this delicate time. Many non-HR people think that getting an insight into people’s performance is fascinating, and it can be, but it most certainly comes with a lot of responsibility, especially if you’ve got close personal relationships with those outside of HR.

It’s just one of the many reasons that HR is much more of a stressful job than people think!

The pressure is on for bonuses

Bonuses can make or break employees financially, but they can also make or break egos and manager-employee relationships. HR has a direct role to play in bonus allocation insomuch as they preside over performance reviews, and ultimately, they can sometimes become the scapegoat when things don’t quite go as employees want.

Giving out big bonuses sure can be fun – if this is what you’re doing. Otherwise, watch out for the added EOFY stress!

It could be time for a restructure

EOFY means changes in financial forecasts, budgets and strategies, and any changes in this realm naturally means that the organisation might be expanding…or contracting. And we all know what that means: invariably, restructures lead to redundancies.

Even though helping the business through redundancies is part of HR’s role, it doesn’t mean that anyone in HR really enjoys it. In fact, on the contrary, knowing who is going to be made redundant and having to break this news to employees can be horrible for the HR team member involved: many reflect on these moments as ‘absolutely the worst’ parts of their jobs.

If you’re in this position this EOFY, we definitely feel for you – we’ve all been there and done that, and it never gets easier!

As former HR executives ourselves, the team at Career Money Life understands that EOFY can be extremely stressful for HR representatives everywhere. It’s important during these stressful times to remember to take care of yourself so you can best manage your emotions and help others  experiencing stress.

Research has shown that massage can be very powerful in helping us relax, which in turn helps us manage our outlook, energy and overall emotional balance.

d1_587200_EN01_CIRDEC17We’ve partnered with endota spa to help you relax through massage. Between now and 20 July 2018, we’re proud to be able to offer you an Organic Relax Massage Gift Card for $99 (valued at $120).  Feel stress melt away with this one hour full body, nurturing massage designed to induce full body relaxation.

To redeem, click here and use promo code CMLEOFY at checkout to apply the discount.  Then find your local endota spa and book in for your well-deserved ‘me-time’.

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