Elevate your Executive Presence and Get to the Next Level

Join us for an exclusive Presentation and a great night of connecting with our fabulous community of high performing businesswomen: Wednesday 19 September at 6:30pm at One Roof.

Melissa Lewis is taking the mystery out of executive presence through what she calls ‘The Principles of Presence ®’ which is supported by her PQ ® (Presence Quotient) proprietary diagnostic tool. She focuses on an internal process (exploring leadership traits and behaviours for professional growth) with the external (improving image, brand and style).


Who Should Attend

  • Female senior and high potential leaders across all areas of business, law, professional services as well as entrepreneurs.
  • High performing women who are wanting to get to the next level of their career.

Presentation Overview 

Ever wondered why you’ve been overlooked for a role? Or struggled to get the right recognition in the workplace? Or have difficulty getting your team to perform to their best? Executive presence is what can give leaders that edge, to ensure you’re recognised for your capabilities and ensure your team is working effectively and cohesively.

Presentation Description 

This presentation is an informal learning experience tailored to:

  • Explain the concept and recent breakthroughs in relation to Executive Presence and the impact it has on your rewards and recognition
  • Introduce you to our proprietary Presence Quotient (PQ) profiling tool
  • Practical tips on what you can be doing today to increase your presence and positioning of your professional brand

“Executive presence alone won’t get you promoted…but its absence will impede your progress.” – Centre for Talent Innovation

The Ascension Group, with the support of MYOB and Career Money Life, is thrilled to present this fun presentation and networking event to show you how to bridge the gap between your intentions and perceptions from others, making you even more successful!

When: Wednesday 19th September 2018
Where: One Roof – 77/79 City Road, Southbank
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Book your ticket here.

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