5 Ways That Pets Improve Our Health

This article is originally published by PetsOnMe, a Career Money Life Certified Supplier.

Pets make a huge difference in many of our lives – they’re a source of happiness and contentment – we get to love them and look after them. But did you know that, having a pet also means that they’re looking after us too? It’s been proven through many studies that pets can have a very positive influence on our health.

Here are five basic ways that pets help improve our health:

Help us overcome or manage depression. Depression and anxiety can have a serious affect on health, and research has shown that pets can really help combat depression in some people. There are several reasons why: by walking a pet and getting exercise, or even just having interaction with the world outside the house, symptoms of depression can decrease. Pets can also directly improve our mood or deal with depression through a simple act like cuddles and petting. These actions release oxytocin – the happiness hormone/cuddle chemical. It’s just the same as having a hug from a human, which means, in theory, the more you hug your pet the happier you’ll both be!

Improve our cardiovascular care. As with the above point, if you have a pet that requires exercising, like a dog or a ferret (or even some cats that might be willing to be taken for a walk!) then you will need to take them out daily. This moderate, regular exercise will increase your cardiovascular workout, get your blood pumping and will improve your general health and well being.

Reduction of allergens. In spite of the fact that some people have allergies to animal fur, research has shown that children who are around pets from a very young age will reduce their chances of developing allergies.

Better overall health. There is also varying research that seems to show that people who own pets have better overall health and wellness. There is an apparent tendency to fewer colds, better cholesterol and lower blood pressure in those who keep pets as opposed to those who don’t.

Reading the warning signs. Finally, our pets are intuitive creations – they rely on their senses as they cannot communicate through words and language. Therefore, if something isn’t slightly amiss, they’re probably the first to notice it. Pets will possibly show warning signs prior to their owners having epileptic seizures or other imminent serious issues. These signs might be seen in an increasingly clingy pet, restlessness or something else. It’s just a matter of reading their unique way of communicating so you can understand what they have sensed to be wrong. You never know, it could be a lifesaver.

Career Money Life recognises the importance of pets and how they boost our overall health and wellbeing. That’s why we offer Pet Support Services as part of our Health and Wellbeing Programs. Book a demo or contact us to find out more about the wide array of services under each of our programs.

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