Top Executive Resume Trends for 2019

This article is published by Executive Agents, a Career Money Life Certified Supplier.

It’s easy to lump all of your past experience and achievements on your resume when you’re applying for a job. For CEOs and Executives who are seeking a new position, these resumes are often too long for time-strapped Hiring Managers and Talent Executives.

Forbes has a great list of what you should be including in your resumes, though the team at Executive Agents prefer to focus on the following in the Australian market:


Many job seekers that come through to Executive Agents request a template cover letter to use for standard job applications, but having a basic cover letter can actually limit your potential.

According to CareerOne, Hiring Managers often ensure they are satisfied with an applicant’s cover letter before they consider calling or meeting them face to face. Cover letters are the key to evaluating an applicant’s personality, ambitions, goals, and dreams. You might have the perfect amount of experience and education but another applicant could easily get the job because their goals align with the company, or they have desirable extracurricular experience under their belt.

Be as specific as possible in relating your story to the job description and the company – like attracts like. Apply this in your resume as well as your cover letters.


“90 per cent of recruiters say today’s labour market is candidate-driven, up from 86 per cent last year.”

Not only should you use this to your advantage, but bear in mind that leading with results is a stronger, snappier sell.

In both your resume and cover letters, lead with your most significant achievements, and use figures where possible. Hiring Managers do not have the time to labour through an extended monologue of your past experience where you’ve rewritten the job descriptions of your previous roles.

Refine each relevant previous role into a one or two sentence elevator pitch, then jump into your most significant achievements – two or three of your best for each role is sufficient without losing your reader’s attention.


Salespeople often have a bad reputation, however selling is one of the most vital skills you can acquire and build today. When you’re applying for a job, you’re selling yourself as the perfect candidate. So, why are you?

What will you bring to the company? How will your skills and experience help them build and consolidate their future, as well as your own? While it’s important to draw on your past achievements, make sure you’re relating them to the role you’re applying for, otherwise your story becomes irrelevant. If you can’t answer these questions, then perhaps it’s not the job for you.


With the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning algorithms in screening candidates, it has never been so crucial to write economically.

Although applications and new hires are always finalised by humans, it is important to remember that any hiccups or awkward expressions in your resume or cover letter could hinder your application.

Executive Agents’ Writers optimise your resume and cover letters for job applications, while our Graphic Designers finalise your resume for standard use.


A well-presented and clean-cut resume makes for a pleasing reading experience – you want your reader to flow through your file without losing interest.

Formatting, font type, size, and colour each play a role in holding a reader’s attention. This is why our Graphic Designers employ a minimalistic yet consistent approach to design which highlights your years of experience in a simple PDF.

Career Money Life offers a wide range of services including resume and review, LinkedIn and social media optimisation, career competency assessments, career coaching, job search training and more under our Career Transition Program. Help your employees land on their feet – talk to us to find out more. 

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