Benefits of a Dog Friendly Workplace

This article is originally published by PetsOnMe, a Career Money Life Certified Supplier.

No one wants to leave their beloved pooch at home as they head to work each day. And at some jobs, you don’t have to. Many companies are realizing that having a dog at work is a win for dogs and their humans alike. If you hate to leave your pup each morning, let your boss know of the benefits of bringing Fido to work. ‘What are they?’, I hear you ask. I’ve outlined them below. All you need to do is paste them into an email, with the subject line ‘Please?’ and hit send. You’re welcome.

1. Dogs lower stress levelsIt’s well known that having a dog is good for your health. Dogs help us to relax and encourage us to get the exercise we need. Studies have shown that these benefits extend to having dogs in the workplace as well. It’s been shown that employees who bring pets to work had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and higher levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Having pets around can also lower blood pressure and increase opportunities for exercise during the day (think of the lunch time dog walking opportunities!)

2. Dogs bring teams togetherDogs are fun. And studies prove it. It has been shown that in workplaces with a pet-friendly culture collaboration and team morale is higher. Offices with dogs showed greater levels of trust and loyalty between team members.

3. Dogs break the iceDogs are a great conversation starter. It’s a great way to engage with staff, and clients or visitors. It shows that a company is flexible and adaptable, and not above playing with a squeaky hamburger during meetings. It also gives people a reason to have a short break during the day, encouraging them to refresh and take time out.

4. Dog friendly workplaces attract the best talentThese days more people are delaying marriage or choosing not to have a family. For many singles and couples, Fido really is their furbaby. Lots of people rush home from work each day in time to have a long walk with their dog. Having a dog-friendly workplace is the ultimate in work-life balance as it allows staff to bring one of the most important aspects of their home life to work. Staff tend to work longer and be more committed to their work pace when their furry friend is there alongside them.

Is your office dog friendly? Tell us how it’s impacted your working life.

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