You’re demotivating your employees. STOP NOW.

This article is authored by Jamie Costello, an inspiring freelance business/legal writer.

Motivation in business can be a real problem. Lack of it can cause decreased productivity and morale which has a domino effect on the rest of the company. The issue is, leaders in business are asking ‘how do you motivate people?’ rather than ‘what am I doing to demotivate my employees?’. If you think about it, no one comes into a job not willing to do it or hating customers and colleagues when they first start out. So, what is it that triggers them to turn like this? It’s likely something that’s happened during the course of their employment which has caused them to become demotivated.

So, here’s what you can do to stop demotivating your employees.

Start showing your employees that their hard work is being recognised

One of the main reasons why employees choose to leave their job is because they feel they’re not appreciated enough. This is the reason you need to stop being quiet and start showing recognition to your employees. Some leaders will argue that they’re employees will know they’re doing a good job, but that’s the biggest make. Every employee needs to know that what they’re doing is being noticed, is right and performed well. They’ll be grateful for doing it off your own back too.

Communicate clearer with your employees

Another reason for leaving on the list is the lack of communication that the management have with the rest of their teams. When employees are kept in the dark about what’s going on in the environment, they’re more likely to think stuff up on the spot because they won’t know what’s happening. It’s likely without the correct communication, your employees can’t feel confident about what they’re doing and whether it’s right. If they have this perspective, it’ll of course be difficult for them to keep motivated.

Stop thinking education isn’t valuable

Every employee wants to perform well. Initially, they want to impress and show you everything they’ve got to be successful. Over time though, changes can occur which will make them feel a little unfamiliar with their role which can hinder their performance. On top of that, what can be worse is that the company failed to address the change with their employees and don’t train them as a result. This makes the colleagues ineffective in their role and more likely to leave. Regular development and coaching are actually more beneficial for your employees than you might think and many of them appreciate that their skills can grow in their role.

Stop thinking recognition needs to be big and materialistic

To sustain the motivation of your employees, you need to stop thinking that big prizes at the end of their achievements are required. In fact, it’s the little things being noticed that can make a big difference. Of course, employees are more likely to express excitement from materialistic rewards that they receive, but this can only be sustained for a certain period of time. Eventually they’ll get bored. So, ensure praises are being made along the way of getting the full product completed so long term motivation is present.

If you feel as though you’re not getting the most out of you employees in the workplace, it’s likely you have a people problem within your company. Whether it’s employees having a problem with the hierarchy in the organisation, or with their fellow employees to the point where mediation is required, to help with the problem, try to steer your focus away from trying to motivate your employees and focus more on what you need to do to stop demotivating them. 

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