As ‘paralysis’ subsides, employers weigh up next steps

This article is originally published by Shortlist.

Business conditions remain uncharted territory but employers are now emerging from a period of immobility and contemplating how to move their talent strategy through a COVID-19 environment.

“I’m finding that organisations that weren’t at the forefront [of talent management], are just getting their plans in place now,” says Career Money Life founder and CEO Sandy Hutchison, who previously led Marsh & McLennan’s APAC HR division and was a partner at Mercer.

“A couple of weeks ago there was paralysis, where everyone was just, ‘oh my god, what’s happening’, but now people are moving into a ‘this is the new normal, how are we coping, how do we put strategies in place’ phase”.

Companies are trying to hold on to people, she says, and “are trying to make things work with the government programs, but they’re wanting to have a plan B in place, in case they do need to make redundancies”.

Career Money Life’s client base ranges from airlines with +10,000 staff, to mid-sized firms in residential construction, media, and financial services companies with up to 5,000 employees.

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