5 things you could do today to make yourself irresistible to employers

This article is authored and submitted to us by Debra Close of Flourishing Works, part of the Career Money Life Supplier Community.

In this current climate, are you rethinking your work or career? You may have lost your job in the current crisis.  Or, having spent a lot of time at home you may have had the realisation that your current role is not what you want or need going forward? Either way, these tips will help you position yourself to be a great prospect for a role that you really desire, and that will be a great fit for your talents.

Here are 5 things you can do today to make yourself irresistible to employers tomorrow:

  1. Revisit your career objective. This is your chance to get clear on what you’d ideally like to do. Who is it you’re passionate about serving and what problems do you love to solve for organisations? For example, do you love to design ethically constructed garments for the eco-conscious? Or, explain complex scientific findings with beautiful data visualisations? Be sure your objective is front and centre on your LinkedIn profile and Resume.
  2. List your superpowers.  What ways of working energise and help you work at your best? How do you best communicate and relate to others?  For example, do you love to tell stories or prefer to consolidate ideas in writing?  How do you motivate yourself and others? For example do you love to spring into action, be a catalyst for change or enable the growth of others? Knowing your own constellation of performance strengths projects confidence and helps you stand out from the crowd when the time comes for you to shine.
  3. Recall the evidence. Pre-prepare concrete examples where you can demonstrate how your strengths and talents helped you succeed in the past. Perhaps you’ve been able to improve system efficiencies, streamline processes or save money for the organisation? Have you spearheaded a new project or delivered amazing results through leading others effectively? Having examples to draw on brings your abilities to life and demonstrates your value.
  4. Nail your elevator pitch. You need to develop a couple of sentences which encapsulate your experience, strengths, qualifications, and goals. What would be the 3 things about yourself you want to get across? Having this pre-prepared and ready to go is handy when networking, speaking with recruiters and being interviewed. Look at your career objective and your strengths list and go from there.
  1. Practice in the mirror. It’s all very well having all this written down, but sometimes it’s a different story when you have to say it out loud!  Practice in front of the mirror till it feels natural and authentic. Or practice saying it to people in your household.

Doing this reflection and planning now will pay off in the future. It will increase your likelihood of securing a satisfying job where your talents are used and your value is appreciated. If you get stuck, or even draw a blank on any of these steps, then you may need the help of  a Career Coach! The investment in yourself and your future will be well worth it.

Debra and Kate of Flourishing Works are one of the many exceptional career coaches offering their support through Career Money Life. They support people to be at their best at work and in their broader lives. In organisations, they deliver coaching, training, facilitating and speaking around leadership, performance, team success, resilience, career transition and parental leave. They also help job seekers find clarity, direction and confidence for their next career move.

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