Don’t stop your job search during the holidays!

Contrary to the regular norms, this year, don’t stop your job search in December. Every year, it’s a common understanding that recruiters and companies put their hiring process on hold during the holidays – This is because most of the employees are usually on leave and are travelling overseas. 

This year, however, has thrown us yet another curve ball. Luckily, this one is a good one. It gives job seekers the opportunity to begin their new year careers off to a flying start. 

Companies are looking to revamp their teams and have them lined up and ready to go for the new year. Australian companies are keen to get back to normal and are in fact eager to make up for all the time lost in the past year. 

Moreover, previous years no one at that decision making level would be around but with travel restrictions and closed borders – no one is going overseas. People will still be contactable, so decisions will be made more quickly than before. Many people will keep working through festive season because their businesses have been flatlining the past year and they want to catch up. This means that there are more opportunities coming your way!

Be ready for these opportunities – keep looking, keep applying, keep reaching out. However, we understand that it can be hard to keep applying for jobs during the holidays. The best way for you to tackle this and not overwhelm yourself is to divide your workload over a few days and take small tiny steps each day to reach your end goals. Create a structure, set smaller targets for each day and reach out to your network. 

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