Break Free From Corporate, part of the Career Money Life Supplier community, has relaunched it revolutionary 6-Week Career Reboot Mentoring Program that is purposefully designed to help you manifest your next exciting career pathway – one that is perfectly aligned to you.

RESET – Look at your individual blueprint and start living according to your true purpose and values. Get excited as you learn how to manifest your next career move and as a result begin achieving your goals and dreams!

REVIVE – Wipe the slate clean from the past and map out a clear plan to achieve your career goals, in line with your life goals. Be conscious of what to do vs. what no to do, so that you stay on track to successfully implement this plan and ultimately reach your goals!

THRIVE – Work smarter not harder, leveraging your time better, so that you can achieve more with less. Understand the value of systems, technology, automation and outsourcing to help you advance in your chosen career and create a nurturing environment for you to thrive!

Normally this program is listed for $999 USD (approx. $1,300 AUD) on our website, HOWEVER for CML members, we have it listed on the platform at an AMAZING introductory price of JUST $499 AUD. That’s a savings of over $800 AUD!

To find out more about the program or register, click below.

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