Employing Older Workers

As we grow older, we bring with us a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills that are invaluable in the workforce. However, older workers still face unique challenges such as ageism, skills gaps, and difficulty finding new roles.

To shed light on these challenges and provide recommendations for employers to better support and engage with older workers, the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) recently surveyed over 1,000 Australian workers aged 55 and over. The “Employing Older Workers” report revealed some concerning findings.

Almost half of respondents reported experiencing ageism in the workplace, with 23% saying they had been turned down for a job because of their age. Additionally, over half of respondents had difficulty finding a new job after leaving a previous role.

But the good news is that older workers have so much to offer employers. They bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills to the table. They are also typically reliable, dedicated, and have a strong work ethic.

At Career Money Life, we believe in supporting older workers who have been made redundant and helping them transition successfully to new careers. Our different approach to career transition provides personalised coaching, training, and support to help older workers with their job search. This service includes assistance with resume writing, interview preparation, understanding AI in job search, video interviewing, upskilling options and more. By providing this customised support,  you can help older workers overcome the challenges they face in the job market and find new roles that align with their skills and experience when their role is made redundant.

Equally, for those organisations looking to hire older workers, you can enhance your employer brand and attract and retain older workers by demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusion and valuing the skills and experience of older workers. By doing so, companies can build a stronger, more inclusive workforce. 

The AHRI report highlights the challenges facing older workers in the workforce, but it also underscores the value they bring to employers. Our CandidateCare solution can give older and younger candidates the support they need to navigate the job search process through your own branded portal with a wealth of tools, advice, coaching and support to make the process easier and less intimidating, especially for older workers who have potential has been out of the job search market for a long time. 

With our support, older workers can find new roles that align with their skills and experience, and companies can build a stronger, more diverse workforce.

Older workers have so much to offer, but they face unique challenges when it comes to finding new roles. At Career Money Life, we are committed to supporting older workers through the job search process with our Career Transition and Candidate Care offering. By valuing the skills and experience of older workers, companies can build a more inclusive and diverse workforce. Let’s work together to make the workforce a better place for everyone, regardless of age.

What to support your older workers?  Contact us to learn how to get started.

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