How to find a job when you’re still unemployed

This article is originally published in the Executive Style.

Between jobs for longer than you expected? Seeing the weeks stretch into months can be disconcerting and depressing – and in a less-than-buoyant employment market, it’s an experience more Australians are becoming familiar with.

So what are the secrets to keeping despondency and desperation at bay while you get yourself back in the game?

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How to Conquer Career Transition

This article is written by Leah Shmerling, a Career Money Life Certified Supplier. You can view the original article on Crown Coaching and Training‘s website.

Susan felt fulfilled in her last role as a vocational trainer. She enjoyed working with her colleagues in a positive workplace, and the challenge of training and seeing participants learn and develop. Her role brought her career and personal fulfilment. Despite her success, Susan was disappointed that her contract could not be renewed due to funding. She was left disillusioned and her confidence was effected. Six months later, she is still searching for a new role.

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How Parents Get in the Way of our Career Plans

For most of human history, what we did for a living was decided for us by our families. We would either directly copy what our parents did, or else we would reverentially accept their suggestions for what we might do.

Only for around the last 200 years have we been choosing jobs for ourselves – and we’re still at the dawn of learning some of the complexities involved.

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