Bashinsky weighs in on freelance marketplaces

This article is originally published in the HRD magazine.

The Australian workforce is shifting. Freelance marketplaces or open talent networks (OTN) present a brilliant opportunity for workers to have more enjoyment and autonomy in their career, whilst also empowering businesses to increase efficiency.

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What’s wrong with my resume?

This article is written by Jerrell Niu, Career Coach, and a Career Money Life Certified Supplier. You can view the original article on Jerrell’s website.

What’s wrong with my resume, you say. I keep on filling out application forms, sending out my CV to every opportunity I see but I never hear back from anyone except for those automatic emails that say “Thank you for your application but on this occasion your application was unsuccessful…“.

You probably feel like giving up. But your problem is something that you can fix. So how can find out what’s wrong with your resume?

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How to Finance your Career Change

Leah Lambart, Director of Relaunch Me Career Consulting and a Career Money Life certified supplier, shares some important points to consider when planning a career change. 

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Use Your LinkedIn Account to Privately Signal to Recruiters When You’re Looking for a New Job

Flourishing Minds Consulting, Career Money Life Certified Supplier, shares this important tip on how you can use LinkedIn to discreetly let recruiters know when you’re open to new job opportunities.

Watch the video here for a step-by-step demonstration on updating this setting.