Money worries, are they impacting your people’s well being?


Money is often considered a “hygiene” factor in the employee value proposition, it has to be right, but won’t necessarily motivate or retain people. But what about when money is the issue?  

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Work until you’re 80, retrain at 60

Senior citizens class photo by Pavla Pelikánová, licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0.

This  article from The Age, addresses the projected shifts in the workforce to more  people over 60 and up to 80 plus in the workforce. Catherine Cunningham, a Career Coach on the Career Money Life platform,  shares some great  insights into the mature worker and the prospects of retaining into our 60s and beyond.

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The Hot Corporate Career Of The Future Isn’t What You’d Expect



This article from Forbes highlights the shift in the US workforce from full time to freelancing.  Australia has always had a strong freelance culture and is also growing as rapidly.

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Can prior behaviour be considered in dismissals?


Recent Fair Work Commission ruling reported in  Smart Company shows the complexity of dismissals based on prior behaviours. This reinforces the importance of due process and good documentation when dealing with employee dismissals.

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How to compete with a Robot for your next job

More and more we are hearing about a future where robots are taking jobs from people, not just manual tasks, but the job of Lawyers and Doctors, arguably two of our highest status careers. While the AI has a ways to go before this becomes an everyday reality, it is a very likely outcome.  So what does that mean for future job seekers and those of us displaced by technology in our current roles?   What will we do for work?

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