Audio Guided Meditation

This article is authored by Dr. Rachel Cameron, Director of Health Equals Freedom, part of the Career Money Life Supplier Community. You can view the original article on Health Equals Freedom’s website.

I have created this audio guided meditation for you to try meditation.

Extensive research has shown that regular meditation helps you re-wire your brain into a calmer and healing state. Meditation has also been shown to accelerate recovery and assist with reducing stress, which would be helpful to you right now.

The easiest way to learn how to meditate is to use a guided meditation to assist your mind to stay focussed. The main reason people think they are ‘not doing it right’ is because their mind wanders, or is easily distracted. Listening to a soothing voice in calm tones, can assist to guide you and support you while you learn how to meditate.

You may have never meditated before so are unsure of yourself. Judgement that you are ‘not meditating properly’ is not helpful, which is why a guided track can help as you learn to relax. Just listen to the voice or sounds on the track.

Practice not perfection is best.

I provide this guided audio meditation – to release any negative emotions that prevent you from moving forward in your life.

I recorded this audio in my peaceful home, you may hear the sounds of birds in the background. Just listen to my voice. Focus on my voice to assist to soothe and supporting you in your meditation.

Whatever way you find that works for you, the regular practice of meditation has been proven to support healing from a range of health conditions. This recording has been kept deliberately short so it can be incorporated into your daily routine to assist you to stay calm and focussed and to allow your body/mind/spirit to release blocks.

Other guided audio meditation recordings for the whole family

This can be an important support, particularly with a new cancer diagnosis. A great App to assist with meditation is called the Smiling Mind, it may help you to start mindfulness practice! There are many nice meditation tracks online. You can also search YouTube and find others that suit our taste.

Health Equals Freedom is a national secure and confidential telehealth cancer navigation and coaching service for people and their families recently diagnosed with cancer, which includes attending medical appointments with the person diagnosed to assist with comprehension and decision-making.

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