Retire ‘retirement’: how brands misunderstand ageing

This article is authored by Rose Herceg and is originally published by Firstlinks. Australians over the age of 50 have the highest levels of wealth and disposable income of any age segment, they outspend millennials in entertainment, auto, health, travel and almost every other category, but are largely ignored by brands. The Secrets & Lies – … Continue reading Retire ‘retirement’: how brands misunderstand ageing

Elderly people and scams

If you look after an older person – whether it’s a friend or a family member – you’ll be aware that people with vulnerabilities can be targeted by scammers. Older people often fear being mugged, or burgled – but 90% of all crimes committed against the over 65s are fraud. 90% of all crimes committed against over 65s … Continue reading Elderly people and scams

How to Stop the Baby Boomer Brain Drain

Australia is about to enter an age unparalleled in our history: the age of the great retirement. Our largest generation ever, the Baby Boomers, will soon exit the workforce forever, leaving 4 million vacant positions in their wake and taking an enormous amount of corporate knowledge, wisdom, and expertise with them.  And with this exit … Continue reading How to Stop the Baby Boomer Brain Drain

4 Reasons Why Baby Boomers Might Not Want to Retire

With 4 million baby boomers set to retire in the next few years, they’ll soon be a large new influx of people lining up their putts and enjoying their holiday homes. And as the nation’s wealthiest ever generation, what’s not to look forward to?!? Boomers will finally get the free time - and money - … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Baby Boomers Might Not Want to Retire

Booming age pension bill looms

This article is authored by Bernard Salt and is originally published by The Australian. In round numbers there are 25 million Australians including four million aged 65-and-over and who are, therefore, eligible to apply for the age pension depending on individual circumstances. That’s about a fifth of the population or a quarter of all voters. … Continue reading Booming age pension bill looms