Feeling Guilty About Not Spending Enough Time With The Kids?

This article is submitted to us by Dr Rosina McAlpine,  Director of Win Win Parenting, a Career Money Life Certified Supplier.

Parents often feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children. Life seems so busy with work, taking care of the home and all the things that need to be done when raising a family. With all that busyness there’s often very little time left to spend with the kids.

It’s easy to see that if parents don’t spend quality time with their children, their children could come to the conclusion that they’re not important and this can harm a child’s sense of self-worth.


Strategies for special time with your child

By making time to spend just 10-15 minutes of one-on-one quality time with each of your children every day (or every other day), parents show their children that they are important – that they matter. Making time for your child demonstrates you care, you’re interested in how they’re going and that you’re there for them if they need support or just someone who’ll listen.

Here are some ideas for times to get together:

  • When your children get home from school;
  • After you return from work;
  • After dinner; or
  • Just before bed

Remember its only 10-15 minutes – every parent can find a few minutes each day.

More than one child?

If you have more than one child, you can schedule one-on-one meetings at different times during the day or make it at the same time each day and meet with a different child on consecutive days.

The key is being fully present present.PNG

One-on-one time with your full attention says so much to your child about your priorities. Remember, no phone, no cooking or being distracted, just being 100 percent present with your child. 

What child wouldn’t feel loved and valued in that environment? So why not try it?



Let your child choose the activity

Ask each of your children to think about how they might like to spend 10-15 minutes one-on-one with you every day (or every other day). It could be to simply hang out together and talk, or something more active like going for a walk, kicking a ball, or as simple as playing an electronic or board game or having a snack together.

teensTeens need time too

It’s just as important for parents to make special time to meet with teenagers as it is with young children. Teens may not say it, but knowing you care and that you’re there to listen (rather than to give advice) means the world to your teen and provides a strong foundation for children to know support is there when they need it.

The key is to make it uninterrupted special time for your child, doing what they want to do with you and sharing what they want to share with you. Remember, if you can’t manage to find the time every day, then make it every second day – the key is to make it a regular thing that your child can count on.

Making a small change to your daily routine to make special time for each of your children can make an enormous difference to family life by creating beautiful memories and nurturing a deep bond with your children that you’ll share for life.

Win Win Parenting Workplace Education programs

When parents struggle at home it often results in negative spill-over in the workplace. Win Win Parenting workplace education programs help busy working parents with practical strategies to better manage day-to-day parenting challenges like technology struggles, bullying and other family issues with children aged toddler to teen. Parenting education can reduce employee stress and promote wellbeing so working parents can succeed at home and at work. Win Win!

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