Career Transition – headspin or adventure? Your choice!!

This article is written by Kathy Donaldson, Career Consultant & Life Coach, part of the Career Money Life Supplier Community. You can view the original article on Kathy’s website.

“So many go into a headspin or even a tailspin when the time comes to transition into another career or adventure!! What if there was a different mindset associated with career transition? How would it feel to be free of the past and excited by the possibility of new adventures and escapades into new unknown territory!!”

For so many, it hurts when their job has become redundant and find themselves retrenched…could this be a blessing in disguise? This could be the start of something amazing so if this has happened to you, read on and be assured that there are steps that you can take to overcome the fear and uncertainty of the moment…and that will make all the difference to the future!

William Bridges has suggested that there are three phases managing change.

  1. Ending causing denial, confusion, frustration and uncertainty
  2. Transition – creativity, innovation, exploration, learning and energy
  3. New Beginnings – relief, accomplishment and certainty.

Going through the stages takes different amounts of time depending on many variables – some which can’t be changed…job market, economy, unemployment trends. However, there are steps which will make a difference and provide opportunities to increase happiness and satisfaction in this transition journey!!!

Do you have the right mindset?  Begin to think about what in life is important to you? Try on some of these questions and play with your responses.

  1. What is important in your life? What do those give you?
  2. What do you want in a career?
  3. What is it in your career (past career) was not working for you?
  4. How would a new career ignite your inner being?
  5. What skills/experience can you bring to this new career?
  6. What do you need to learn/experience to gain such a position?
  7. What are the long-term possibilities of this position?
  8. Who do you have to support and encourage you in the transition?
  9. Do you have the financial resources to accommodate the change? What can you do to feel more secure?
  10. Are there any challenges/problems you foresee in this transition journey?
  11. How can you minimise these challenges?
  12. What is something you can do today to move you closer to your transition?

Making a transition may not appear easy…however with support and guidance the journey can be satisfying and rewarding.

Help your employees land on their feet. Following career transition, employees’ desires can be diverse, so our programs cater for that. Career Money Life offers a broad range of services under our Career Transition Program. Contact us to learn more. 


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