Another tech giant getting the people stuff wrong

First, it was Twitter and now Yahoo, why can’t these giant tech companies manage employee transitions? It is claimed that Yahoo recently made 30 employees redundant by mistake.

Talk about a difficult conversation for a manager to have. “Hey, about that your fired thing, don’t worry about it, we actually got it wrong, you’re not fired, just on our Underperforming List, that we might fire in the future, so get back to work… for now.” Not the most motivating of career discussions, especially for a company struggling to keep its talent.

The article from HC Magazine sheds light on the challenges Yahoo is having in maintaining its top talent, while keeping a productive workforce engaged.

I wonder if these tech companies are so used to growth and success that they don’t have the corporate DNA to cope with the challenges of downturns and the hard decisions that come with them, including how to effectively manage staff leaving the organisation.

What’s your thoughts?


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